Monday, December 22, 2008

Can Jam Bands Save the World?

If there was ever a sign of the quickly approaching apocalypse, arbitrarily decided and self-righteously blogged about "best of.." lists would certainly be it. So, instead of assigning a numerically categorized placement of importance to my favorite records, I'll instead just say this: Every prominent and generally respected "jam band" currently making a name for itself could most likely defecate excellence onto any number of the myriad heavy-synth, highly pretentious, indie-hipster bands that presently seem to dominate most of my friends' "best of..." lists. Yes, yes, I am aware that Deer Hunter is not the same thing as Deerhoof, and that Of Montreal aren't actually Canadian. Most importantly, though, I do not all. Please, hipsters. I beg this of you: dedicate at least a few minutes of your time in the near future to music that involves more than off-beat rhythms and intangible compositions. Perhaps, just perhaps, when you do so it will finally become apparent to you that there is a clear and obvious distinction between minimalist art and minimal talent.

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  1. get some new friends, sounds like yours have shitty taste in everything