Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Dawning of the Age of...Blogging?

Per the constant opining of several good friends, I've finally been convinced to get off of my rocker and start writing again, which frankly is easier said than done. Great lapses in time have passed since my last entry, and with it, significant developments in both the world and my life. To be honest, consideration of the amalgamation of those developments can be quite overwhelming at times. Just making a call as to what to center a post around, for example, is much more difficult now that months have transpired since my last entry.

Even pulling the cheapest of shots at my hipster friends now seems to be increasingly difficult. Some assert that it is because I, myself, have actually become one of these feared and despised creatures. Not so, I say. To assert a clear distinction between my lifestyle and that of a brightestyoungthings fiend, however, is not completely sound; calling into question what it actually means to be "hip".

With this next string of posts, I'll try my best to answer this question, perhaps raising a few more along the way. For all of the true hipsters reading this, though, don't rest too easy on this fact. I am by no means equating my existence to that of one of your kind. Much to the contrary, I think that further examination of the hipster lifestyle will yield even more contradictions and hilarity. So check back soon, folks. The posts have only begun, and my career as a blogger is still ripe in its youth. I'm looking forward to this, and I hope you all are too...especially you, Alex.